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PHP-Web Developer (medior)

The Software Developer we are looking for:

Requirements & skills

  • Good Code: clean, beautiful code which is comprehensible and documents itself;
  • independent, enthusiastic, eager to learn, broad interest in the technology and tools of our profession;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or relevant experience;
  • experience with version control systems, design patterns, agile development (scrum / kanban), code and performance optimization;
  • experience with e-commerce is an important advantage;
  • some front end-knowledge (XHTML, CSS, Javascript / -frameworks) would be useful. 


  • challenging and diverse work, where delivering quality comes first;
  • collegial, informal atmosphere; coders, not blowhards;  
  • space for you to evolve and to deploy new technologies;
  • permanent employment of 40 hours per week;
  • contribute to building software that can cope with heavy use by real customers;
  • workplace near Amsterdam Central Station in the centre of Amsterdam;
  • competitive salary and conditions. 

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Our offer

Venderion assists you in finding the right job

  • A network of hundreds of IT companies and job opportunities;
  • High-quality guidance with finding a suitable job;
  • Arrange job interviews;
  • Arrange face to face job interviews (in the Netherlands);
    • Flight will be arranged and paid for;
    • Accommodation expenses are covered;
  • Advice (salary, working conditions, etc);
  • Arrange a place to live;
  • Guidance in necessary administration matters.

Get in touch with Venderion and we will operate as your personal assistant. We will match your CV with job opportunities in the Netherlands and contact you to plan a job interview.

We will take the lead and arrange everything from matching to finding a place to live!

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Relocation by Venderion

  • Get in contact directly with the most innovative organizations using cutting edge technology in the Netherlands
  • Receive invites for relevant opportunities that match your skills, technology stack and ambition
  • Professional advise throughout the selection procedure
  • Extensive help throughout the relocation process (housing, insurance, administration, etc.)


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