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Developer/Operator (the Netherlands, North)

An international technology company, with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Brazil and the UK offers a white-label ticketing solution to many major events worldwide, selling millions of tickets each year, including peak sales where we sell around 360.000 tickets within in an hour, with more than 1 million interested fans (2014 and 2013).

Our open and white-label strategy, allowing event organizers to engage with their fans directly, made us market leader in many markets..Our goal for the coming years is to u offer more services to our clients, which they can sell to their fans via our platform (i.e. travel). We will change the way events interact with fans, by creating a new user-centric (personalized) view on e-commerce.

Come and join our Tech department. We challenge each other every day to be the best, come up with new ideas and apply the latest in cutting edge coding and solutions. We believe in the freedom to develop new ideas and to test, fail and retry to come to awesome new features and changing industry standards.

The role
A significant part of your job is to automate common tasks in order to achieve reliability and repeatability while reducing the workload, allowing us time to focus on other interesting and challenging topics. This means we’re looking for someone with programming experience (preferably in Python) who is interested in automating Linux system and cluster administration tasks. You will be responsible for maintaining and expanding our IT infrastructure whilst collaborating with the IT operations team as well as with our engineers and product managers. You will help to steer the technical direction of our platform, safeguard our stability, security and performance and participate in innovating new projects.

Here are some of the topics that our work touches on:

  • Automated system and cluster administration (using Python).
  • Highly available database servers (MySQL & PostgreSQL) and file servers (DRBD + NFS).
  • Highly available software load balancing (Nginx) and virtualization (Linux KVM).
  • System and platform monitoring (Zabbix and StatsD).
  • The security of our platform and (web) application and standards compliance (ISAE 3402 and PCI DSS).


  • You have several years of programming experience in a modern, high level programming language. This is not necessarily professional experience; open source and personal projects also count! Experience in Python is a big plus. 
  • You have experience in setting up and managing (headless) Linux systems.
  • You are familiar with the basics of computer science theory and can apply this knowledge to analyze and improve the functionality, performance and security of the systems you manage.
  • You have experience with relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Knowledge of query and general performance optimization, replication and/or high availability is appreciated.
  • You are familiar with network technologies such as VLANs, BGP and OSPF and have experience with firewall configurations. Experience with Juniper systems speaks to your advantage.
  • You have good English communication skills (both in writing and verbally).
  • You are a good communicator, you’re easy to approach and you like exchanging ideas and brainstorming about future improvements.
  • You care and are passionate about the work you do, you’re eager to learn and improve your skills and you can effectively switch between abstraction levels.
  • You have good troubleshooting skills and can deal with the occasional stressful situations.
  • You are fun to drink a beer with.

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  • Arrange job interviews;
  • Arrange face to face job interviews (in the Netherlands);
    • Flight will be arranged and paid for;
    • Accommodation expenses are covered;
  • Advice (salary, working conditions, etc);
  • Arrange a place to live;
  • Guidance in necessary administration matters.

Get in touch with Venderion and we will operate as your personal assistant. We will match your CV with job opportunities in the Netherlands and contact you to plan a job interview.

We will take the lead and arrange everything from matching to finding a place to live!

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