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Most prepared country globally for self-driving vehicles

According to the 2018 KPMG Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index (AVRI), the Netherlands has taken the top spot and is thus the most prepared country for the introduction of self-driving vehicles.

The KPMG Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index

The AVRI is a pioneering study, focussing on a country’s preparedness to introduce self-driving vehicles and calling attention to how countries can improve their readiness for autonomous vehicles (AV).

In their study, KPMG assessed 20 countries from all over the world based on four pillars, which are fundamental to a country’s ability to accommodate self-driving vehicles. Constituting the four pillars were: technology and innovation, infrastructure, policy and legislation, and consumer acceptance.

The Netherlands took overall first place, scoring particularly well on infrastructure and consumer acceptance, ranking first and second place respectively. Notably, the Netherlands did not score any lower than fourth place on any of the four pillars.

Following closely behind the Netherlands is Singapore. Singapore did extremely well, ranking highly all on categories except for technology and innovation, where it took eighth place. On the pillars of consumer acceptance, policy and legislation and infrastructure, Singapore ranked first, first and second place respectively.

The United States comes in at third place and Sweden is not far behind in fourth place. The United States does particularly well when it comes to technology and innovation, scoring first place overall. Sweden scores highly on this pillar as well, coming in at second place, just after the US.

At fifth place is the United Kingdom, which finishes in the top 10 for all the pillars. The United Kingdom’s highest score is third place, for the pillar of consumer acceptance.

20 January 2018 , By Mina Solanki

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